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Give For Life

Making an Impact on a Local Level

LifeServe Blood Center is proud to consider everyone who donates blood a member of the Give For Life program. The blood donations you make play an integral role in maintaining the blood supply at your local hospital. LifeServe Blood Center relies on your dedication as a volunteer blood donor to guarantee an adequate supply of blood is available at all times.

As a blood donor, you have a unique opportunity to achieve special milestones within the Give for Life program. These milestones are marked with special blood donor identification cards, which are automatically distributed to all donors when a new milestone is achieved. New, first time blood donors receive a BLOOD DONOR card. When donors reach the one gallon milestone, they become a BRONZE donor. Donors will receive the SILVER card when they achieve the five gallon milestone and GOLD donor cards will be sent to donors who donate ten gallons of blood. Finally, donors who reach the fifteen gallon milestone will be considered PLATINUM donors.

As member of the Give For Life program, you can access your donation history, redeem your gallon certificate, view your donor profile and schedule appointments online. In addition, you will earn points to spend at the Online Store every time you make a blood donation – another Give For Life member benefit.

Take advantage of your Give For Life membership today by visiting this donor exclusive section of our website.

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Are You Eligible for Donation Today?

Whole Blood Donation

You may be eligible to give blood today if you gave whole blood on or before:
Saturday, March 04, 2017

Double Red Cell Donation

You may be eligible to give blood today if you gave double red cells on or before:
Saturday, January 07, 2017