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Blood Recipient Testimonials

It is through the generosity of others that our blood recipients are able to tell their stories today. Whether the need is unexpected or reoccurring, donated blood is a gift – the gift of life. And with each donation we receive, up to three people’s lives can be saved. These are just some of the individuals who have been given that gift.

A Bond Like No Other Because of Blood Donors

Ashton and Ava
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A Life Saved

Lt. Col. Jerry Self
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A Life Saved by Generous Blood Donors

Amy Pigott
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Blood Donations Help Patient Fight Cancer

Carson Cooper
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Cancer Patient Survives with Help from Blood Donors

Mikayla Rietgraf
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Mother and Daughter Saved By Blood Transfusions

Carol and Faith Schulte
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Plasma Donations Help Treat Young Patient

Mason Helwig
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Special Sickle Cell Anemia Patient Gives Back

Isaiah Newsome
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