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A Bond Like No Other Because of Blood Donors

Ashton and Ava

Ashton and Ava met as young girls in Omaha, Nebraska in 2009. They had a lot in common when they first met – they both were about the same age, lived in the Siouxland area, loved to be active, and wear their favorite cowgirl boots as much as possible.

However, this sweet story starts in Omaha where Ashton and Ava met while undergoing treatment for leukemia. A chance meeting that brought both girls the strength needed to overcome a devastating illness. In addition to the bond they built to battle their disease, blood donors also gave them a tremendous gift – a gift they needed to survive.

Each of the girls received multiple blood and platelet transfusions while in the hospital. These transfusions provided lifesaving red cells and platelets necessary to fight their disease and replenish their systems so they had energy to just be little girls.

“Donating blood is life-changing. Without the selfless efforts of blood donors, our daughters would not be here today.” – Ashton’s mother, Kristine & Ava’s mother, Rachel


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